Tulsa Is The Kind Of Town That Fits Everyone

Six months after WWI started, Tulsa become home to the former Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association. Today it is known as the United States Oil and Gas Association, but it was that beginning that made Tulsa known as “The Oil Capital of the World”. This association is recognized around the world as an advocate leader for domestic oil and gas producers.

Tulsa’s economy has historically been the oil industry, but after losing that “oil boomtown” moniker, the residents of Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma dug down to their core and became diversified. Today, more than half of Oklahoma’s exports come from Tulsa.

In many cities and towns that experience growth, they also experience a crime rate, but not Tulsa. In 2012 the crime rate was at 2% and the city boasts one of the best education systems in country. It is this great combination that makes Tulsa a hot spot for businesses to move here and families to call home.